City Officials Gain Access to Codes for Storm Shelters to Construct School Projects

City officials in Cape Girardeau scrapped a provision of the towns building code that is a requirement for local schools to include storm shelters to add them as additions to protect students and staff from tornadoes. City officials say, the provision would have applied to the proposed indoor aquatic center. The city school board and city officials are forming a partnership to construct the facility adjacent to Jefferson Elementary School. Council members took a vote on Monday to repeal the plan. The vote was taken at the request of city officials along with the board of appeals. Area public school officials say, the building code regulations would have made the building costs prohibitive. The concern was brought to the board of appeals last month. Officials say, construction costs would be about 50% higher if the district had to comply with storm shelter regulations. Because the structure would have to be built to with stand 250 mile per hour winds.

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