City Officials Raise Questions About Project Funding

An expensive Price tag to widen Veterans Memorial drive has Cape Girardeau city officials considering the possibility of completing the project in steps. The project would widen the street from Hooper Road on down to Route K. City officials say, the project could cost six and a half million or even more. The total cost will include the design plan, right of qway accusation, and the project its self. Officials say, buying right of way could cost $675,000. City officials are currently designing plans for projects that will receive funding from the city’s transportation sales tax sales tax if the city’s voters approve it. The tax is expected to bring in a total of $25 million over a period of five years. Officials have purposed spending a total of$ 13.5 in street repairs alone. Another $ 2 million would be put towards contingencies. City Officials Raise Questions About Project Funding.

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