New Food Delivery Service to Launch in Cape Girardeau

An internet food delivery service named Waiter will start up in Cape Girardeau next week. This is an on-demand restaurant platform to help connect various restaurants to their customers. The new service will be accessible online as well as being on I phones and Android devices. Company officials say, They are two brands, but one company, It’s the Waiter brand and they we’re bringing it to Cape Girardeau. Officials with the company look to start up the company in the next coming week, in partnership with over 20 other restaurants. There is already one waiters operation already running in St. Joseph. The online food service will be in operation every day from the hours of to 10 .p.m. , but specific items may only be available during certain times because  of participating resonant business hours. There will be a serving radius within 10 miles of each partnering restaurant. The new service will start making deliveries on Monday.

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