Residents in Illinois Still Waiting on Flood Assistance

Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were not in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois on Monday, Aug. 12 as planned.  The village confirmed on social media they are currently waiting on Illinois Emergency Management Agency for the removal of sandbags. The delaine has been pushed back to Tuesday, September 3, 2019 for disaster declaration assistance.  City officials say, the extension will allow them to paint an accurate picture of how the flooding impacted their town. The damages occurred between February and July of this year. Governor Pritzker, made a request for an extension from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the state to request a federal disaster declaration from the flooding and storms. The request was made, so the necessary documentation supporting a request for a federal disaster declaration could be submitted. Damage assessments of the flooding were taken in the local counties of Alexander Union, and Jackson.

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