People From Outside Eat Cape Girardeau Advised Not To Be There

Flooding has reacted havoc on the residents of East Cape Girardeau. City officials say, the portion of Highway 146 between the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau and East Cape Girardeau is open for residents only. Officials also say, Past East Cape nothing is open yet, not 146, not Route 3 going north or south. Even though the bridge is open to local residents, residents from other areas continue to come into the area to look at flooding. City Officials, also say, with Monday’s rain, they are dealing with rain collecting inside of the sandbag walls which they are having to pump out. He said it’s not safe for anyone to be there that doesn’t need to be there. The public is also urged by officials to to be patient and wait for the roads to reopen before traveling through the area.

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