Illinois Governor Sighs Bill into Law to Protect Undocumented Youth

Governor Pritzker has signed two bills into law that will protect youth that are immigrants. House Bill 836 was signed into law to enable children who are immigrants to have guardians for a short term. Staff members from the Governor’s office also say, the bill allows a short-term guardianship to be extended an additional 365 days. This is double the current limit. The new bill makes sure parents, who are not documented can determine a specific guardian to to make medical decisions and enroll a child in school, along other various things and activities. Government officials say, the bill gives judicial discretion to consider granting guardianship of a minor when a parent can’t provide consent because they are unreachable due to an administrative separation. An additional piece of legislation House Bill 1553, enables youth who are not documented to get visias. by positioning state laws with nationwide laws. The bill allows doption, family, juvenile and probate courts to move forward with and grant a petition for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, a visa for youth, who are undocumented, who have either been abandoned, abused d or neglected, The Governor,  signed the bill  just days after he signed a number of bills that protect communities of immigrants.





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