IDOT Crew Reopen 146 on Bill Emerson Bridge to Local Traffic Only

Residents in East Cape Girardeau Illinois were provided a little relief from the flooding on Friday afternoon. IDOT Officials reopened a single section of the roadway to local traffic only. Officials say, the section that was reopened was a 1,500-foot stretch of Route 146 between East Cape Girardeau and the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge is open to local traffic only, and that crews set up stoplights and cones to allow vehicles to drive on the center line, one direction at a time. Officials also say, more than a foot of water is still covering other parts of Route 146 and Route 3. Those will remain barricaded and closed. Officials say, it will be at least an entire week before the areas c week before areas to reopen. Members of IDOT are no longer bringing sandbags into the area. Evan though Route 146 has reopened to area traffic, it is still closed to both Gale and McClure remains closed.

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