Jackson Board Alderman Approves Zoning for Marijuana Use and First Phase of Zoning Project

On Monday night the proposal for zoning for medical marijuana was approved by Jackson’s Board Alderman. The distance between important areas such as schools, homes, and dare cares was increased from 100 feet to 500 feet.  Earlier this month the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services only receive a single application related to the use of medical marijuana use within the city of Jackson  for an operation dealing with cultivation. Formal Applications can be submitted at the first of the month by the DHHS. In addition to approving the measure for the use of medical marijuana, the City Alderman also accepted a bid on behalf of Jokerst Inc. of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, for the first part of the Williams Creek sanitary lengthening.  The total cost of the bid that was approved cost a total of $1,306,689.10. There were four other bids that were as as expensive as 1.8 million.

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