Clean up in the City of Jackson Will Wrap Up At Week’s End

Jackson City Officials say, cleanup will wrap up in the coming week. They also say most of the rees and limbs downed by the severe storm June 21 have now been removed from yards and streets throughout the city.  Workers throughout the city of Jackson will continue to collect debris left over from the storm until the end of the week. Beginning on Monday of next week Jackson’s Yard Waste Program will go back to it its normal schedule of bimonthly of collecting yard waste. City officials determined at a Jackson Board of Alderman meeting last Monday, the storm that rolled through of June 21, and 2019 caused over $215,000 dollars to property in the city. Additional costs to city workers for working overtime to clean up debris will cost the town a total of $36,000 and the town will have to pay crews from out of town and estimated $55,000 for their services. City officials say, that it was fortunate the storm happened during working hours on a weekday when most city employees were still at work. That allowed city workers to respond more quickly than had it happened at night or during a weekend.

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