Cairo At or Above Flood Stage for 150 Days

As of Sunday, the Ohio River levels a Cairo Illinois has remained at or above flood stage for 150 consecutive days The River upstream has went down  to more normal levels, but the Mississippi River has backed  the Ohio River  levels since the river levels rose above 40 feet in early February. Before the streak of 150 consecutive days at or above flood stage this year the record was 97, days set back in 1973. The river stage was at 45.3 feet as of Sunday. The river has been slowly dropping over the past week. In Cape Girardeau the Mississippi River recently dropped below flood stage at 40.1 feet, as of Sunday. There is a chance that the river could stay above flood stage in Cape Girardeau until the end of the month.. Flood Stage is 32 feet in Cape Girardeau is 32 feet.

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