FSA Pushes Back Crop Reporting Deadline Because of Flooding in the Area

The USDA Farm Service Industry has confirmed they have pushed back the crop reporting date for Missouri Farmers to July 15, 2019. Farmers in the area now have extra time to note their prevented plant average.  This is a must for all farmers, so they can keep their FSA program benefits. The large amount of rain in the fields has made it difficult for farmers to be in the fields to plant their crops. With the deadline being pushed back this will give farmers more flexibility for reporting. This extension is only good for FSA.  . The extension does not apply to or push back RMA insurance reporting deadline requirements. The extension will not apply to the Non Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program. Farmers are encouraged to call their area FSA Office  as soon as they can to schedule an appointment  to report prevented plant acres, and to turn in their crop abridge report  Farmers cant find their local FSA Office by vistiting  www.farmers.gov/service Locator

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