City of Jackson Waiting On Approval to Change Cleanup Schedule for The People

City Officials in the city of Jackson are currently awaiting the Ok from the city alderman to replace the existing cleanup/and fix up week at the first of the year next year.  The program that is pending approval will make it more convenient for the public and less of a burden for the city’s workers city officials say. If the change is approved city residents will be able to contact the Jackson Public Works Department to make an appointment for trash pickup, any time over the course of the year with the exception of holidays. The proposal for the new program was brought up in a Alderman’s Study session at an earlier point in the week this week. With the existing program currently in place residents can only take part in the program during a particular week. If the new system takes effect next year city residents can participate in the program when it suits them. Along with that  This will allow pickups to be spread to different times of a given year by city crews.

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