Water Levels Remain the Same in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri

Flood waters have surrounded most areas of McClure Illinois , and one of the main roads that leads out of the area may have to close because of high flood waters. Both route 3 in McClure and 146 in Cape Girardeau have been closed due to high floodwater. The closure is due water over the road becoming too deep over the highway for people to drive their vehicles through. Evan though there were certain areas on highway 3 covered to the North of the area traffic was still able to pass through. The Mississippi river crested at a height of 46 feet this month in Illinois and at 43 feet in Cape Girardeau as of Tuesday morning. The rivers highest crest was 48.86 feet in Cape Girardeau in January three years ago. The National Weather Service se says the river is expected to remain steady at 43 feet until Friday. It is expected to decline down to by Saturday.

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