Suspect Who Given Prison Sentence in Mississippi County

Officials say, an inmate sentenced to prison time in Mississippi County was released by the Scott County Jail. That inmate has since been caught. Police say, on Wednesday, June 19 around 10 p.m. an officer was at Huck’s gas station in Cape Girardeau where he spotted Lamar Tyrone Johnson getting fuel. The officer immediately contacted police in Cape Girardeau. Police pulled Johnson over as he left the Huck’s and took him into custody. Police say, Johnson was transferred to the Scott County Jail where his charges are pending. The suspect will be transferred back to Mississippi County where he will be taken to the Missouri Department of Corrections. Police say, Johnson of Sikeston was in custody in Mississippi County following a revocation of a suspended sentence. Before the suspect  could be transferred to prison, he first had to be tried in Scott County on multiple felony assault charges relating to a 2018 incident in Sikeston.

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