Two Suspects Arrested for Shoplifting in Murray

Two suspects, a man and a woman were taken into police custody for shoplifting in Murray Kentucky. The business they stole from was located on South 12th Street. The two suspects were identified as 36 year-old Jason Kerbyson and 31 year-old Katie Christian. Police say, on Thursday, June 13, officials took a shoplifting report and security video footage of the suspect and the vehicle he left in was obtained. The information was passed on to other officers. The next day, n officer spotted a vehicle that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle from the shoplifting report. Police say, before the vehicle a male subject exited the vehicle. Two officials went to check the vehicle and found a woman inside. Police said they could also see a pair of shoes that had been reported stolen from outside of the vehicle. Police say, the VIN showed that the vehicle was stolen out of South Carolina.



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