Doctor Assaults EMT during Altercation

A doctor is accused of assaulting an EMT over an argument about patient care. The Doctor was identified as David Pfefferkorn He is charged with was h fourth-degree assault. He is scheduled to be arraigned on June 25, 2019. The altercation happened when EMT’s were dispatched to the home of an 89-year-old man who had  fallen. When medical personnel were assisting the man the suspect continued talking over the man and answering the questions they were asking him. The suspect told personnel that he was their boss. The altercation became worse when the man was being loaded onto a stretcher. The suspect pushed the EMT over the stretcher by putting a hand on his chest. Police arrived on the scene after that. Police say, Pfeffercorn told them he was contacted by his neighbor, the 89-year-old man, who has been his patient for many years, and was requesting medical attention. Police also say, Pfeffercorn told them when the Scott County EMS arrived, he told them the man was having a stroke and needed medical attention. He said he told them he had power over them because he was a doctor and they had to listen to him. Pfeffercorn was arrested and taken to Sikeston DPS Headquarters where he was booked and released.

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