Knives Discovered In Sand of Volleyball Courts at Arena Park

The sand volleyball courts at Arena Park have been closed after knives were discovered in the sand. Police are currently investigating. The courts were closed to the public on Monday evening after a teenager cut her foot. Park officials say, Police have been notified and are investigating along with park staff. Police say, they responded to the courts at 6:30.p.m. The two teens, who were playing on the courts discovered a paring knife. Officials say, they presented an  officer with two small poorly made knives. There have been four knives found overall at the courts. Police say, the courts will be closed for the next week. There will be a fence put up around the courts until they are deemed safe. The adult sand volleyball league has been cancelled for this week because of the knives being discovered. When games start up again next week the court will being inspected before each game.

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