Five People Killed in Two Vehicle Crash

There was a deadly crash on Interstate 57 in Marion on Thursday. The crash happened just before 2.p.m. on Thursday afternoon. Police say, the two-vehicle crash happened between a blue Ford Expedition and a Freightliner. The victims, who were inside the Ford Expedition r were identified as Magnolia G. Armstrong, 80, Coraleen A. Luellen, 78, Peggy Jackson Armstrong, 75, Helen Elizabeth Armstrong, 78, Harold Edward Armstrong, 76 and Andrea E. Lesure, 59. The driver of the freightliner was identified as 38-year-old Dawit Tekeste Gerbermichael There were five people confirmed dead as a result of the crash. All five victims were riding in the SUV. Police say, the Freightliner was on the right side of I-57 north at milepost 65. Police say, the driver of the Expedition reasr-ended the Freightliner resulting in the five deaths. Lesure was the only person in the Expedition to survive.


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