Three Men Arrested for Beating Juveniles

Three men have been taken into police custody in Metropolis Illinois. The arrests were made after juvinille victims complained that they were beaten with a pistol after an armed robbery. The robbery took place on Saturday. Deputies said they were called to the area near the foot of the Brookport Bridge to investigate an armed robbery. Three juvenile victims told deputies they were confronted by three men in the 3000 block of Strawberry Road. The three suspects were identified as 18 year-old Mathew Yates, 19 year-old Samuel Kralis, and 21 year-old Malik Miller. After police searched for the suspects they located the vehicle the men were riding in the Metropolis area. Deputies said they recovered two firearms believed to have been used during the alleged armed robbery. The three suspects were taken into custody and held in the Massac County Detention Center pending formal charges against them

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