SIU Professor Steals more than $10,000 In Property from Campus

A Carterville Illinois man has been charged with one count of theft of Governmental Property. The man was identified as 39 year-old Jeremy E. Davis. Davis is alleged to have to deprive Southern Illinois In July of last year the suspect knowingly exerted unauthorized control over governmental property of Southern Illinois University exceeding $10,000 and not exceeding $100,000 in value University permanently of the use or benefit of the governmental property. The charge against Davis is a Class 1 Felony.  He faces a minimum of four years in prison, but could be sentenced to 15 years. Officials said Davis was arrested on March 29, 2019, and later released on bond in the amount of $30,000 ($3,000 cash). On April 16 officials said Davis entered a plea of not guilty and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The suspect is scheduled to have a jury trial on June 4, 2019 at 8:30.a.m. A jury Trial will be held in July in Murphysboro.

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