Coach Has More Charges Pending Against Him From Assaulting Official

Police in McCracken County say, a man is back in custody after a reported assault at the Sports Plex on US Highway 60 West on Saturday, April 6, 2019. The man was identified as 40 year-old Keyon Menifield. He was charged with a felony assault on Kenny Culp, 60 of Paducah according to officials. Police say, a coach, identified as Menifield, got into an argument with a Culp who is a referee. Meinfield is faced a class A misdemeanor charge of first-offense assault of Culp.  A week and half after the incident happened the suspect made his first appearance in court  and was arrested with an incident on the felony assault second-degree warrant. His bond at this time is $15,000.00. The suspect has criminal convictions for assault and drug trafficking. The previous assault convictions were not on other sports officials.

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