Two Victims Injured in Three Vehicle Crash

There was a three vehicle crash in Butler County. The crash happened at 9:25.p.m. on Thursday morning. The crash happened on Highway 53, 2 miles South of Popular Bluff. The drivers of two of the three vehicles were injured in the crash. The two victims were identified as 76 year-old Arthur L. Daugherty and 48 year-old Leigh A. Rommel. The crash happened when a Chevy Silverado 1500 stopped to make a left hand turn. A Chrysler Pacifica, being driven by Rommel stooped behind the truck. The car was then rear ended by a GMC Sierra being driven by Daugherty. The Chevy then struck the GMC. Both victims were transported to area medical centers for treatment. The thir driver involved in the crash was not injured.

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