Three Victims Injured in Rear-End Crash In Cape Girardeau County

There was a two vehicle crash in Cape Girardeau County. The crash happened at 2.p.m. on Thursday afternoon.  The crash happened on Route AB, Two miles west of Cape Girardeau. A Ford Explorer and a volkswagon were involved in the crash. Three victims sustained moderate injuries in the crash. All three victims were riding in the volkswagon at the time of the crash.  The three victims were identified as 36 year-old Mary L. Robbins, 38 year-old Amy Swofford, and 31 year-old Jennifer Trull. The crash happened as the Volkswagon , being driven by Robbins was turning. The vehicle was hit from behind by the Ford Explorer. All three victims were transported to St. Francis Regional Medical Center for treatment. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

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