Rep. Walker Joins Child Advocates at Missouri Capitol to Push for Children’s Rights

Representative Cora Faith Walker joined child advocates from across the state to continue fighting for the rights of Missouri’s children and their well-being. For the 37th year in a row, advocates rallied at the Missouri State Capitol on Tuesday for the annual Child Advocacy Day, urging lawmakers to pass an ambitious agenda focused on strengthening support for children’s safety and upbringing. One such piece of legislation that the advocates hope will cross the finish line this session is to increase funding for the Quality Assurance Report, which would allow for site visits at early care education centers across the state. HB 947 would reestablish Missouri’s Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Families Task Force to promote comprehensive systems to serve children and families. Nearly half of Missouri children have experienced one or more adverse childhood experiences. Trauma like parent death, divorce or violence in the home affects brain development and can adversely affect long-term health outcomes.


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