IEMA Highlights Recovery Preparedness Month

Mother Nature does not discriminate when it comes to severe weather.  Countless residents throughout our state have experienced the challenges of rebuilding their lives after a disaster or other emergency.  In these stressful situations, having access to personal finance, insurance, medical and other records are critical for starting the recovery process. During Recovery Preparedness Month, IEMA and local emergency management officials will provide guidance to Illinois residents on how to quickly and efficiently recovery from disasters such as floods, fire, earthquakes or severe weather.

Some tips to recover from a disaster include

  • Get Organized. Secure and organize financial and critical personal, household, and medical information.  Having these items in a safe place can expedite insurance claims and other emergency expenses.
  • Savings. Saving is the best financial defense against disasters. A little bit at a time can go a long way.  A rainy day fund can help you invest in your family’s safety.
  • Insurance. Obtain property (homeowners or renters), health, and life insurance if you do not have them.

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