Missouri Budget Explorer website now features state departments’ performance measures for greater transparency

Office of Administration announced today that the Missouri Budget Explorer website now features the performance measures of the State of Missouri’s 16 executive departments — giving citizens greater insight into how taxpayer-funded programs are executing their missions. Launched in October 2018, the website, budgetexplorer.mo.gov, gives users a comprehensive review of the state budget, along with links to more detailed information. With the addition of the performance measures, the public will now be able to see how each department is fulfilling the goals for their programs and initiatives. This will create even greater transparency as citizens will be able to see where their money is going and how it is being used. The Missouri Budget Explorer website provides links to the legislative budget bills and each department’s strategic management priorities. The website also takes citizens to Governor Mike Parson’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget recommendations, and Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick’s Show-Me Checkbook, which is a financial data transparency portal that was launched in August 2018 by former Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt.

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