Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley Reaches Agrrement with Uber

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has come to an agreement with Uber Technologies, a California based company to address their one year delay to report data breach to its drivers. Attorney General Hawley wrote the CEO of the company Dara Khosrowshahi., telling her she should notify their customers if they are affected and protect their private information. This is an agreement that all 50 States have agreed on. Uber has agreed to pay $148 million divided among the states. Missouri customers will receive a total of $2.2 million from the company. Uber will also strengthen its security to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Those drivers, who felt the effects in Missouri, will get a payment of $100. Those who will receive the payment are those whose driver’s license numbers appeared on the breach in 2016. The state will appoint an administrator who will provide notice and send a payment to each eligible driver. Payments will not be distributed until after the effective date of the settlement and the appointment of the settlement administrator.

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