The Illinois State Baptist Association is Joining Storm Recovery Effort

A team of volunteers from the state of Illinois headed east to join in the recovery effort. These volunteers are associated with the Illinois Baptist State Association. They made their way to the city of   Lumberton, North Carolina. The IBSA is a volunteer program consisting of more than 1,700 volunteers. It is the third largest population of volunteers other than the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Members of the team come from the Southern Illinois cities of Marion and Carbondale and from other cities around the state. The group arrived in North Carolina on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Their mission is to operate eight different shower stalls, as well as help cut down trees and help with flood recovery. Flood recovery includes tearing out damaged parts of a home and repairing them. The ISBA volunteers will stay in the state for over 6 to 10 days before another team takes over. The ISBA has volunteers to step up and help through the end of next month if they are needed.

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