Hand Gun Found in Student’s Backpack

A hand gun was found in a student’s back pack at Perryville Elementary School. The gun was discovered on Friday, September 14, 2018. The gun was discovered at 1.p.m. when the student asked to have an article of clothing from the bag. The discovery was made more than four hours after the student had come to school. The gun was not loaded at the time. There was also a search of the child’s back pack for ammunition, but there wasn’t any inside. The staff member who was in charge confiscated the back pack, and contacted the school administration. School administrators contacted the school’s resource officer. She then took possession of the gun. The child was sent home from school after their parents were notified. The incident that occurred last week was the third incident involving a gun this year. Another Elementary Student brought a toy pistol to school in February and a substitute teacher left a hunting rifle in his vehicle in March.

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