Corrections opens Illinois ‘life-skills re-entry’ center

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois officials have re-opened a former youth detention site as a center to help offenders learn life skills after release.

The first 20 offenders were transferred Tuesday to the Murphysboro Life Skills Re-Entry Center in southern Illinois.

Department of Corrections officials say there will be orientation before educational programs, classes for job readiness and cognitive behavior therapy begin.

Other assistance will include teaching skills such as managing a bank account, using the latest technology and scheduling doctor’s appointments.

Murphysboro is one of three life-skills sites scheduled to open as part of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s campaign to reduce the prison population and restructure criminal justice.

The first center opened in Kewanee in February 2017. Corrections officials are working on creating another re-entry site for women at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln.

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