Missouri village dissolves after repeated flooding

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (AP) — A small Missouri town along the Mississippi River has dissolved after struggling with frequent flooding.

Cape Girardeau County commissioners adopted an ordinance Thursday to immediately dissolve the 20-year-old village of Dutchtown, the Southeast Missourian reported .

The residents of Dutchtown have long endured repeated flooding, a rising price tag on the levee and tempting government flood buyout offers. Scores of people eventually left the area due to the river flooding and took advantage of the buyout offers.

“The village would barely recover from one flood event before another one hit,” said Trustee Ken Eftink, who is also the county’s stormwater and floodplain manager.

By last year, only about 50 people remained in the village, 18 of whom were registered voters.

A petition signed by at least nine of the voters would have allowed the village to put a measure on the ballot to disincorporate, according to state law. But the petition didn’t garner the required number of votes.

Eftink will finalize the decision, including turning over the village’s assets to the county. He said the one-cent sales tax on the books in Dutchtown will be eliminated.

The historic records and documents of Dutchtown will also be placed in the Cape Girardeau County Archive Center.

Eftink believes everything is in order to proceed with disincorporation.

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