KY Speaker of the House did not resign as announced two months ago

Kentucky’s Speaker of the House did not resign Wednesday like he announced he would two months ago. Jeff Hoover announced he would resign after admitting to settling a sexual harassment claim out of court. That claim was file by a woman who worked for the House Republican Caucus. However, Hoover did not resign but instead have House Speaker Pro Tempre David Osborne permission to preside over the chamber until further notice. Lawmakers, including Hoover, attended a sexual harassment prevention training that is required for all Kentucky lawmakers. That reform was past a number of years ago after a democratic state representative was sued for sexual harassment.


A bipartisan committee will decide the fate of Kentucky’s GOP House Speaker Jeff Hoover. Formal disciplinary charges filed Wednesday against him include sexual harassment of a legislative aide, creating a hostile environment and using taxpayer resources to hide allegations from the public.


Story updated Jan. 4 at 1:45 pm

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