Petition calling for removal of Confederate monuments in Paducah

A petition in Paducah is calling for the removal of Confederate monuments in the city. The petition calls for the removal of a memorial of Jefferson Davis, a marker dedicated to the first confederate volunteer from Paducah, a monument in Oak Grove Cemetery and a statue of General Lloyd Tighman.

General Tilghman was from the Paducah area and ws selected to build forts to defend the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. Tilghman was forced to surrender to the U.S. Grant in 1862 but was released. Tilghman went on to lead a brigade during the Vicksburg Campaign. He died during the battle of Champion Hill.

The petition also calls for the renaming of Tilghman High School, named for the wife of General Tilghman.

Cities across the country have made efforts to remove Confederate monuments and memorials following the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend.

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