IL has until Friday to pass budget

Illinois lawmakers have until Friday to find an end to the state’s two-year-long budget impasse. If Governor Bruce Rauner and lawmakers cannot reach an agreement by Friday, the state will fall into a “junk” credit status.
But that isn’t all the state faces.
Without a full budget or a special appropriations bill approving funding, Illinois Department of Transportation will be forced to cease operation of 700 projects, consequently putting 200,000 jobs at risk and costing the state thousands of dollars per day. IDOT says they simply cannot afford to pay the contractors anymore if the state doesn’t have the money.
House Majority Leader Mike Madigan is requesting Governor Bruce Rauner approve the proposed school funding formula approval, regulations of rates that can be charged by worker’s compensation insurance companies and increased transparency with healthcare contracts in order to pass the budget for the next fiscal year. Governor Rauner has already said he’d veto the school funding formula.
Both parties met behind closed doors Sunday to discuss budget issues and are expected to meet again Tuesday.

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