Some Missouri sex offenders to have GPS tracking removed

Hundreds of Missouri sex offenders will be relieved of their GPS tracking anklets in coming months.

A rewrite of a Missouri law written in 2014 requires all sex offenders since August 2006 to not only register as sex offenders, but also wear a GPS tracker that would alert law enforcement if they drifted near a school, park or other restricted area.

However, an offender, DG, in St. Charles County is bringing the case to court saying he was forced to wear an anklet despite finishing his five years of state supervision and not having life-time monitoring in his original sentence. 500 other offenders were subject to the same.

Lifetime monitoring was previously only used for a specific category of offender, but the new code requires all to undergo tracking.

In the month of April, more than 300 anklets were assigned to offenders who did never had monitoring as part of their sentence.

On Monday, Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green filed a temporary injunction of the law. The state of Missouri complied.

GPS anklets will be removed from offenders who have already completed their sentences within the next six months.

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