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Four People Injured in Three Vehicle Crash in Jefferson County

Four people were injured in a three-vehicle crash on northbound Interstate 57 on Monday afternoon, July 16, 2019. The crash happened just before 2.p.m. and officers say driving too fast for conditions added to the crash. Police say, a 2018 Dodge was going northbound on I-57 near mile marker 84 when the driver, 42-year-old Perla…read more »

Man Injured in Solo Truck Crash in Scott County

A Wisconsin man was injured in a single vehicle crash in Scott County at 7:20.p.m. on Tuesday evening. The crash happened on Interstate 55 Southbound at Mile Marker 82.6. An International Truck was involved in the crash. The victim, who was injured in the crash, was identified as 55 year-old Rex C. Eubanks.  The crash…read more »

Two Woman Arrested for Burglaries in Mount Vernon

Two people were arrested in connection to a string of burglaries in Mount Vernon, Illinois. The two people that were arrested were identified as   Kadin Gulley and Alexander Williams. Both woman were charged with one count of burglary in connection to a burglary at Showcase Home Furnishings on July 12, 2019 a second count of…read more »

MDC Proposes New Plan for Elk Hunting Next Year

Officials with the Missouri Department of Conservation presented a n initial plan for a limited elk hunting season beginning next year. The plan was presented to the MDC commission at their public meeting at the State Capitol on June 28, 2019. The plan was approved by the commission, and Department Officials are asking for public…read more »

Illinois Residents Are Encouraged to Take Part in Damage Assessment

Governor .J.B. Pritzger is urging residents to take part in local damage assessments after historic flooding. To be eligible for the program the state has to have at least $19 million worth of damage. Officials with the governor’s office say, emergency managers in each impacted county are collecting all damage information, outlining residential, commercial and…read more »

Fines Increase across Missouri for Poaching

Governor Mike Parson, along with the state legislature and Department of Conservation have taken action to increase penalties for poaching throughout the state. The Governor signed House Bill 260 into law on July 11. The fines for illegal hunting will take effect on August 28, 2019. The new bill is referred to the poaching bill,…read more »

Red Cross Assisting East Cape Girardeau Residents

Over 25 families across the river in East Cape Girardeau have been forced to relocate because of the Mississippi River Flood waters in the area. To provide relief the American Red Cross has set up a service station in the Cape Girardeau area this past weekend and also set up an additional service station in…read more »

Man Jailed for Four Years for Stealing Vehicle

A Jackson County Illinois man was sentenced to jail on Monday. The man was identified as 28 year-old Brandon M. Leek. He entered a guilty plea to the charge of unlawful possession of a stolen motor vehicle, a class 2 felony.  He was given a sentence of four and a half years in the Illinois…read more »

Governor Parson Signs New to Protect Children From Sex Trafficking

Law Governor Mike Parsons signed House Bill 397 into law. The law will officially become law on August 28, 2019. The new law aims to improve the Amber Alert System. It also prevents do not resuscitate orders without parental control, and makes daycares safer. In addition the law helps save lives by allowing panels to…read more »

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