The Cape Girardeau Waste Water Facility is Turning Resident Waste into Fertilizer

Officials with the Cape Girardeau wastewater facility are currently is reusing wastes from the sinks washing machines, and toilets of local residents and turning it into a product which is reusable, but also is beneficial to the environment. Department officials say, they are really excited about the beneficial use of it and avoiding the cost of just taking it to a landfill. They say, the sludge or solid material that remains after the wastewater gets treated is being turned into Class A Biosolids or pellets. Those pellets are made to be used as fertilizer. Department officials say, making this fertilizer also cuts down the costs of disposing of waste and helps the environment. If all goes well, he said they’ll only bring things pulled out of the wastewater like wipes and paper to the landfill from now on.

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